Rickey Callahan has cheered on the Holmes County Blue Devils since he was in fifth grade. And for the past 12 years, he even served as the team's PA announcer.

Last fall, after Holmes County lost to rival Chipley High School in the playoffs, Callahan went to a Chipley game to root for the Tigers. He figured it would be good to support a neighboring school representing the Blue Devils' district in the state playoffs.

Holmes prinicpal Eddie Dixon didn't see it that way, and last week Dixon fired Callahan for supporting Chipley.

Callahan thinks there may be more to the story, and he told WTVY that his refusal to support Dixon for superintendent may have played some part in his firing.

If Dixon thought it was reasonable to fire Callahan because he cheered on a neighboring school, or because of his political beliefs, you've got to question Dixon's judgment and wonder whether he's fit to be superintendent in the first place.

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