Imagine if Olympians had a vendetta against their javelins. Perhaps their javelins hadn't performed when they needed them the most, they were awkwardly large or they got terrible reception in rural areas.

Sound familiar? Now you have some appreciation for the motivation of the participants in the 13th annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships.

The competition, which took place in Finland, brought together some of the world's best phone hurlers. The event features three categories: Traditional, freestyle and junior. The traditional designation measures the furthest throw while the freestyle competition judges on style and creativity. The junior participants are all under the age of 12.

Ere Karjalainen, a teenager from Finland, won this year's event with a toss of 101.46 meters (about 333 feet). And his preparation involved getting drunk the night before the event.

While Karjalainen may have broken the event's record, he does not appear to hold the world record. Engadget pointed out that that distinction belongs to Britain's Chris Hughff, who chucked a phone 102.68 meters (337 feet) earlier this year.

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