Dwayne Bowe and the Kansas City Chiefs aren't on the best terms right now. Bowe is holding out and had not reported to Chiefs camp as of Wednesday.

So you've got to think it's a little awkward whenever Bowe drives his red and yellow Dodge Charger, of which photos were recently released.

The Kansas City wide receiver had his Chiefs-themed car customized at Extreme Audio and Kustoms in Riverside, Calif.

Bowe's ride includes Memphis M3 subwoofers, an authentic Kansas City Chiefs jersey in the trunk and his nickname, "The Show," plastered throughout the car. That'll turn some heads.

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    Dwayne Bowe's Suped-Up Dodge Charger

    Bowe's Dodge Charger, from the front.

Athletes are known for their outrageous cars, but not many ballplayers have shown this much dedication to a team.

(H/T to Black Sports Online)

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