Social media sites have provided fans unprecedented access to their favorite athletes, and people have taken advantage of these new avenues in a variety of different ways.

Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, fans have scored an invite to an athlete's wedding, received confirmation about a phony autograph, and even inquired about a date with an athlete.

An ambitious Arizona teenager recently created a Facebook group in hopes of scoring a date with New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. Jenn Baluch said she draws her inspiration from another teenager, an 18-year-old leukemia patient who landed a date with Taylor Swift to the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Baluch created a Facebook group that has more than 300 members, and she hopes to have the date locked down by her birthday in May.

"He's a great person, he has good morals, he believes in God," Baluch said. "He's everything I want in a guy."

Unfortunately for Baluch, her request is far from the first for an athlete, and it is not the most creative. Plus, it has taken a lot more than a Facebook page to get Tebow's attention.

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