Stanford graduate. Top overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. And now, Andrew Luck can add "artist" to his rapidly expanding resume.

In May, the collectibles company Panini America gave some of the NFL's high-profile rookies a sketch card with which they could draw whatever they wanted. Luck, the Indianapolis Colts rookie and an architecture major at Stanford, drew a sketch of Lucas Oil Stadium and wrote "Home of the Colts!" On the back he signed the card and wrote "1/1" to indicate that this was his only masterpiece.

Simple enough. But wait until you hear what happened to the sketch.

Luck's drawing was put on the open market and sold ... for $1,500.

Amazingly, with the way Luck is playing now, that might be a bargain some day.

Luck's rookie sketch card is good, but it's not the best. For RGIII, Brock Osweiler and more artistry from the NFL's next generation, see here.

(H/T to Darren Rovell)

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