Novak Djokovic -- also known as The Djoker -- has pulled a few pranks at Maria Sharapova's expense. Fortunately for Djokovic, Sharapova has played along with all of his funny business.

After an incident during a recent commercial shoot, however, Djokovic may want to think twice before another Sharapova impersonation. In a video released Monday, we see Sharapova attempting to hit what looks like a bottle off Djokovic's head. She misses by a lot. In fact, her serve isn't even close.

It sounds like this was an outtake of a commercial shoot for Head. But it's unclear when the commercial will air or how the video was obtained.

Sharapova seems to find the incident pretty funny, as if Djokovic is playing one of his classic tricks. But by the looks of the shot, Novak isn't Djoking.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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