If Justin Verlander is looking to take his mind off of his poor All-Star Game performance (the Tigers ace gave up five runs in the first inning of Tuesday's showcase), he might be in luck.

After all, there's no one better to help Verlander forget about his outing than Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton, who Verlander may or may not be dating.

Verlander and Upton have been quite the item recently. The duo was spotted together at a bar outside Detroit last week, and the next day Upton was in Verlander's box at Comerica Park.

Upton and Verlander do have some history, as they starred in a series of MLB 2K12 commercials released this spring.

Of course, nothing is confirmed. Further complicating the matter is that Verlander has a longtime girlfriend, and no one seems to know their status as all of this is allegedly going on.

In any event, after Tuesday's performance, Verlander might want to stay away from the knockouts and focus more on the strikeouts.

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