Normally, late July in Pittsburgh brings a welcome shift in attention from a slumping Pirates squad to a promising Steelers preseason. Not this year.

The Bucs have shocked the MLB world, as they are having their best season in decades and are competing for a playoff spot. Understandably, their new found success has brought about significant attention and adoration.

In fact, star outfielder Andrew McCutchen attended an autograph signing event on Monday where a fan was so intent on getting a John Hancock that he or she actually abandoned an infant in a stroller.

McCutchen was shocked to see the lonely stroller, and he tweeted: "That jus aint right...u left ur baby to get an autograph?wow"

Among suspicion that perhaps the stroller was empty, McCutchen confirmed that he saw an infant moving.

The moral of this story? If you are a baseball fan and the parent of an infant, please be responsible.

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