Dennis Rodman is adding another chapter to a post-NBA career which is quickly becoming as unpredictable --if not as successful -- as his Hall of Fame playing days.

The five-time NBA champion has authored a children's book, "Dennis The Wild Bull," which he dedicated to his children. The book was spurred by Rodman's divorce in April and the subsequent time he spent away from his children.

According to the book's website, Rodman's sole purpose was to convey "good lessons to children based on Dennis's own experiences as a world class athlete while overcoming obstacles as a child."

Rodman worked with screenwriter Dustin Warburton and illustrator Dan Monroe on the book.

By publishing a children's book, Rodman is in notable company. Other athletes who have doubled as authors include Alex Rodriguez and Terrell Owens.

The book is Rodman's fourth, but it's safe to say this one will be quite different than his earlier literary efforts. In 1996 Rodman penned "Bad As I Wanna Be," and one year later he wrote "I Should Be Dead By Now."

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