In Major League Baseball, the tradition of dressing up is normally reserved for rookie hazing. But don't tell that to the Chicago Cubs.

After getting swept by the Cardinals this weekend, the Cubs emerged from the locker room dressed in various superhero outfits. And it wasn't just the rookies, the entire team played along. The idea behind the costumes was to help the team lighten up during the grind of an arduous season.

"It's kind of to have guys let loose, have a little fun," said pitcher Matt Garza. "It takes a little pressure off and adds a little embarrassment along the way. It gets you out of your own skin a little bit. When you are in a mask you can be whatever you want."

Some of the best costumes included Jeff Samardzija as Jesus, Jeff Baker as Theo Epstein and Reed Johnson as Jed Hoyer.

Despite a disappointing season, the Cubs are still managing to have some fun.

Lovable losers, indeed.

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