In the end, it was just too good to be true. No, this mullet does not belong to Clay Matthews. Rather, it's a photo of MMA fighter Justin "The American Kidd" Lawrence. Apologies for any confusion and tip of the hat to Lawrence for a nickname as patriotic as his mullet.

The excitement over the photo swept up Twitter, as well, as many Green Bay fans were thrilled to believe that their swashbuckling linebacker, who roams the field with his flowing locks, always had a hair style that announced his presence with authority. Matthews retweeted the photo without comment or denial, which fueled the fire.

But it turns out that it was Lawrence with the extraordinary style as a little man, and all the credit has to go to him and his family for creating an epic shot.

For another photo of Lawrence and his locks, you can check out his Facebook page. Lawrence has been an MMA competitor since 2010, and his shaved head doesn't hint at a great hair past. He's 4-0 in his young career, which started way back at the age of six in Missouri.

Or if you'd like to see more (authentic) photos of athletes when they were children, you can do that here.

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