Few athletes have taken greater advantage of Twitter than Chad Ochocinco. The Dolphins wide receiver has live-tweeted his wedding, consoled a grieving widow and spent $8,000 on a 200-person dinner.

This weekend Ochocinco was at it again. Friday night Ochocinco, who has more than 3.5 million followers, tweeted, "First 200 people at "Delfini Citta" 8635 wilshire blvd in Beverly Hills... dinner isn't until 9 so be patient and mingle amongst one another."

The emphasis this time appeared to be on mingling. Ochocinco encouraged several attendees to look for a boyfriend/girlfriend. Asked what he would spend on drinks, Ochocinco tweeted that he would spend the "Same amount i'd spend in the club with an entourage."

Sometimes, it pays to follow.

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