D.J. Williams is appealing his upcoming six-game suspension for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing substances, but his case is not looking good. If anyone has ever had three strikes against them, it's Williams.

According to the Denver Post, the Broncos linebacker failed a drug test he took last August. Not only that, but toxicologists determined that the urine Williams provided lacked the endogenous steroids that all human urine contains. Thus, they wrote that Williams' urine was "not consistent with a normal, healthy male urine specimen."

Williams took another drug test in September and failed that as well. Once again, his urine did not appear to be human. If you're picturing Williams trying to extract urine from an animal, you can stop. He may have been using synthetic urine.

Finally, a third drug test was administered in November. It appears Williams may have caught on by this point, but he still could not escape without an embarrassing mistake: One investigator noticed that Williams dropped a bottle from his waist before the test.

Williams still has some time before his appeal is settled. But unless we're all missing something, he better start preparing for life on the bench.

His attorney, Peter Ginsberg, says the NFL is rushing to judgment, and unfairly.

“This other allegation unfortunately reflects the irresponsible way the NFL is going about its business these days... The NFL made the suggestion but offered no evidence, refused to present anyone involved in either this specimen collection process or the testing of that specimen and simply made an allegation that has made its way into the evidentiary record and the media."

“It's the wrong way to go about addressing a serious matter.”

So who's to blame? The alleged rule-breaker, or the system that's coming down on him in a hurry?

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