Usually, fans use Twitter to make requests of their favorite athletes. Chicago Bears cornerback D.J. Moore turned the tables this week.

When Moore checked into his room at the Bears training camp at Olivet Nazarene University, he found the TV unsuitable. So he took to Twitter, asking fans if anyone had a tube that he could borrow. One fan even came to the university to offer Moore his TV.

In the end, however, Moore didn't need Twitter. Shortly after he posted that tweet, he was signing autographs and asked fans if anyone had an extra TV. One man had a spare in his basement, and all he wanted in return was a pair of Moore's cleats. Deal.

"It was a small TV, like a 19-inch flatscreen," Moore told "That's all I was looking for was a small TV, something you could just carry and watch TV on so I don't drive myself crazy looking at the walls."

Now Moore is set and ready to fight for a spot in Chicago's secondary. And when the Bears win the Super Bowl on a D.J. Moore pick-6, Chicago fans will have an anonymous TV donor to thank.

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