Being the TV voice of New York Yankees baseball is a big deal that comes with a lot of responsibility, but that didn't stop Michael Kay from getting into a Twitter scrap with a college kid.

This cyber swingfest started early Monday when Kay asked his 47,000-plus Twitter followers for advice on which topics he should use on his local radio show the following day.

Consequently, a 21-year-old named Joey Hendler began trolling Kay's parade, tweeting he'd be listening to his more popular NYC radio rival Mike Francesa on WFAN like everyone else.

That was the first body blow in a a gargantuan gigabyte showdown between the college senior and the voice of the Bronx Bombers.

"He responded with a quick remark. Then I responded back. [Kay] was delivering heavy blows, and I was firing them back," Hendler explained to of his online ruckus.

"I'm a 21-year-old kid, just being an immature kid on Twitter," Hendler says. "Who am I? I’m a nobody."

That might be true, nevertheless Kay responded 15 times to his Twitter antagonist.

Not holding anything back, Hendler took several cheap shots at the Yankees broadcaster before going cheap and personal. "look at you responding to a random person like that. Just shows your insecurity. Go cry yourself to sleep with your ugly wife."

It was that last comment about Kay's lovely wife Jodi Applegate, a local New York WPIX-TV anchor, that Hendler admits crossed the line, if there is such a thing on the Internet, and he apologized to Media Bistro for his personal attack.

Rather than letting it go, Kay again reciprocated, defending his bride.

"LOL. what a punk. Twitter tough. Enjoy your miserable, ugly, insecure existence," Kay responded to to his antagonist.

All things considered, Kay shouldn't swim around the cyber gutter with his annoying adversary, yet he shouldn't lose his job over it, despite what some are saying on blogs.

Even Hendler admits that wouldn't be the proper response.

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