For the most part, without the help of airplanes, man has yet to figure out a way to fly. Nevertheless, a Russian daredevil has come closer than anyone before.

Valery Rozov wrote his name in the record books with a stunt that would make Batman proud. The 47-year-old thrill-seeker spent six days climbing over 21,466 feet (four miles) in the sky to set a new world record with a jump from the top of the legendary Himalayas.

The BBC reports the adventurous Rozov pulled off the tour de force wearing a wingsuit for the enterprising Red Bull team.

After spending 144 hours (6 days) climbing with a pair of his teammates to the summit of Shivling, one of the mountains on the Indian side of the Himalayas, Rozov's base jump took just 90 second to complete, according to the Daily Mail Online.

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