Justin Beiber and Bryce Harper are YouTube sensations that made it in music and baseball, and this could be football's version.

Let's face it, if you play quarterback at a small university, for the most part you really have to buck the odds to wind up in an NFL locker room.

Those odds apparently improve tenfold, should you have a viral trick shot video.

Alex Tanney has gone from dazzling internet fans by throwing passes into the back of moving pickup trucks to getting signed to an NFL contract.

Despite setting a number of NCAA Division III records, the 6-foot-4, 220-pound quarterback played for the Big Red at Monmouth College (1,360 undergrads) in Monmouth, Ill., was undrafted. But the Kansas City Chiefs are giving him a chance to live out his NFL dreams.

Over 2.5 million people around the world watched Tanney throwing footballs in all kinds of situations, and while it may not prove his ability on the field, it certainly displayed some admirable skills.

The Chiefs' depth chart is loaded with veterans at the quarterback position. Matt Cassell is the established starter, with former Notre Dame star Brady Quinn and Ricky Stanzi also on the roster.

By and large, Tanney's only real chance of making the Chiefs' roster is as a member of the practice squad, according to the Kansas City Star. But that's not a bad payoff for a trick shot video.

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