We've all heard of magicians using disappearing ink, coins and smoke, but this is a true rarity.

Penn and Teller have to be impressed with the hocus-pocus performed by long-time Major League Baseball slugger Jim Thome of the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday night.

Using a special "sleight of bat" supernatural powers, Thome crushed a third inning home run, the 607th of his career, literally making the ball disappear.

No matter how hard the Minnesota fans looked for the missing mystical ball, they came up empty. Thome is just the eighth player to hit 600 career homers, but he is likely the only one in that storied group of legends to make a ball into fertilizer.

It took a Twins grounds crew member to find the ball which vanished deep into a flower bed at Target Field. Thome told the Philadelphia Inquirer he'll keep the ball.

"They're tucked away for the kids," he said.

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