If his football career doesn't work out, this NFL rookie has a bright future in the circus or the Olympics.

David Wilson, Giants first-round draft pick, wandered by New York's legendary FAO Schwarz when he stole the show. A coupled of jugglers dressed like toy soldiers were performing outside over the weekend, catching Wilson's attention.

Subsequently, the former Virginia Tech star running back asked if he could test his coordination skills against the street side entertainers. Wilson not only dazzled everyone in front of the midtown Manhattan toy store with his circus skills, the NY Post reports he was a better juggler than the toy soldiers.

Although we haven't yet tracked down any film of the Juggling Giant, he's already experienced a viral video. In April, Wilson completed 13 consecutive back-flips without using his hands, and that clip has been seen over 100,000 times on YouTube.

As far as his football career, Wilson will get the chance to fill the void left from Brandon Jacobs' departure to San Francisco in free agency.

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