Forget Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. When you want to enjoy a tune about the NBA, you turn to the former heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson was back on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday with a special tribute song to LeBron James of the Miami Heat.

Tyson's entertainment career continues to blossom, thanks in part to Kimmel and a reoccurring role in the "Hangover" movie franchise which will begin production of "The Hangover Part III," later this summer in Las Vegas.

In his salad days, few would have ever predicted Iron Mike could become a comedic singer for late night TV. Sure enough, the 45-year-old was up to his same old Hollywood shenanigans.

A few of Tyson's musical lyrics:

"Oh LeBron James is great, he makes Cleveland irate."

"He was born in Ohio and that's wear Cleveland is."

Check it out for yourself:

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