It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now a diehard Major League Baseball fan is facing a hefty punishment.

Rafael Diaz, one of two Mets supporters who ran on the field moments after Johan Santana pitched the franchise's first no-hitter, is facing a lifetime ban from watching his beloved franchise at Citi Field.

Certainly regretting his foolish decision, Diaz tells the Wall Street Journal he's "extremely remorseful." In addition, Diaz, following his release from jail on Sunday morning, faces up to a year in prison on charges of criminal trespassing and interfering with a sporting event.

It's that lifetime ban from Mets home games that seemingly has the 32-year-old lifelong Metropolitans fan most bummed out.

"It was the emotion," Diaz told the Wall Street Journal of his decision to run onto the field. "I was there, celebrating with my buddies, and something just got in me."

While reports failed to track down the other 25-year-old arrested for running onto the Citi Field surface after Santana's no-hitter, Diaz attempted to explain how he ended up on the field.

"The last out was recorded, and I was celebrating with my friends, and I got overexcited with emotions and I went up to the field," Diaz told to the New York Times. "The Mets have won the World Series before. They've never had a no-hitter."

Diaz, using the wisdom he's gained from his predicament, has a word to the wise for those who are considering a sprint around the bases. "Don't get on the field. Do not get on the field. It is not worth it. If you're a real Mets fan, to be banned from Citi Field is not worth getting on the field."

By the way, a Mets spokesman refused to confirm Diaz, who works as a pilot, according to the New York Times, was indeed facing a lifetime ban. Of course he didn't deny it either, saying the Mets "don't comment on security issues on the field."

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