You've most likely heard boxer Floyd Mayweather bellyaching about his stay in a Las Vegas jail, yet this is the first look at his life during his brief incarceration.

Regardless of being sentenced as a misdemeanant, Mayweather, thanks to his celebrity status is considered a "high-profile inmate" and thus is being kept far away from other prisoners to ensure his safety, according to Clark County Metro Police Deputy Chief John Donahue.

KLAS-TV in Las Vegas reports that Mayweather's legal team, after just 10 days of prison life, claimed his cumbersome time in lock down might prematurely end his boxing career. A judge ruled Mayweather won't get house arrest, meaning he must stay behind bars as his excuses of bad food and exercise were bogus since Mayweather has access to both while in the penal institution for the next three months.

"We're required to have him a minimum of 2,800 calories per day. He is getting that. He is choosing not to eat all of his food. He's picking and choosing between cookies or some other snacks he has available to him. He's not eating the food that's being given to him," Donahue said.

As for exercise, its something Mayweather, 35, could do while rotting away in his private alcove.

"He's choosing not to do that. He does get one hour of (recreation) yard a day. He can go out and shoot basketball if he wants to, or he can go and run around the (recreation) yard," Donahue said.

So we've learned Mayweather is mostly eating cookies and not working out, and it's by choice, not force

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