He's got a long way to go to catch Imelda Marcos, but Matt Kemp very well could have baseball's biggest shoe collection.

Kemp, on the disabled list, appeared on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to talk hard ball, when he was tossed a curveball about his super sized sneaker collection.

Kimmel informed Kemp he had heard about his 300 pairs of shoes. The Dodgers slugger confirmed the hearsay. "I think I got more. I love shoes," Kemp said.

Likewise, the National League MVP runner-up says his footwear collection includes a combination of clodhoppers he's purchased and others have sent him over the years. After Kimmel joked about Kemp buying shoes at Payless, he pointed out that used to happen. "No, I used to get some shoes from the Payless, but I started playing a little baseball and could get some more shoes."

By the way, after signing a huge contract extension to stay in Los Angeles, Kemp didn't run out and buy anything crazy.

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"No, 'cause I mean I had a little bit of money before I got the $160 million," Kemp explained to Kimmel. "I got some toys in my garage and I got some shoes and toys. That's just about it. I take care of my mom, so she's pretty much taken care of."

Living close to Hollywood, its not hard for a young star athlete from Midwest City, Okla., to find distractions, accordingly dear old mom is around to keep her boy in line.

"I moved her out here to LA to keep an eye on me, to keep me out of trouble. She's styling, she gets her hair done and nails done. She comes to every game, that's a great thing. Hey, I love my mom, guys," Kemp said.

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