Few residents of Los Angeles have harvested food or taken care of cattle, but the coach who has the Kings three wins from taking the Stanley Cup back to California can't get enough of it.

Darryl Sutter was dragged away from his family farm in December, meaning he's not able to help his six brothers take care of the family's 3,000-acre farm in tiny Viking, Alberta. When not coaching in the NHL, Sutter helps keep track of 300 cattle, 15 bulls and some 290 calves, in addition to planting oats and barley and grains, according to the LA Daily News.

The Los Angeles area has a population base of over 12 million, which is just a few more than the 1,200 population of Viking, Alberta.

Sutter takes that country label and uses it to his advantage. "People have this perception of him as a farmer," Kings general manager Dean Lombardi said. "He's very intelligent."

The Kings coach could be the smartest guy on the ice, but that hasn't stopped him from instructing his hockey club with legendary farm lingo. Sutter told Dustin Brown, Jonathan Quick and Dustin Penner to "Strap your feed bag on," according to the LA Daily News.

NHL coaches should apparently go to the barnyard for speeches, as the Kings are 13-2 in the Stanley Cup playoffs this season.

"How could there possibly be pressure? How many players in the world would love to do this? We're kind of enjoying it," Sutter said of the cliche question of his Kings dealing with extra pressure.

What does Sutter, 53, do for fun when back home in Viking, Alberta, and not coaching?

"You farm," Sutter said. "It's a way of life there." As for his day job, "It's what I do," Sutter said of his coaching gig. "It's not who I am."

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