It's been said that the worst reconciliation is better than the best divorce, and it certainly appears like one of the NBA's biggest stars agrees with such thinking.

Kobe Bryant's estranged wife, Vanessa, has reportedly decided not to sign legal papers making her divorce from the Lakers legend official. And now TMZ reports Kobe is trying to put the finishing touches on a full reconciliation with his almost ex.

The LA power couple with two young daughters have been spotted around Staples Center in the months since they headed down separation highway.

By the way, it's particularly interesting to note that Kobe, under the original divorce plan, has already handed his wife legal ownership to the couple's three mansions, meaning he'd be living in her house if they reside under the same roof again.

Legally, Vanessa has to wait six months, under California law, before she can make the divorce official, and that date would be this coming weekend. However, TMZ reports she won't be doing any such thing, at least for now.

Since entering the NBA at age 18, Bryant has earned more than a breathtaking $221,000,000 from the Lakers organization.

In short, Kobe couldn't deliver another championship for himself, but it looks like he'll get to hold onto his wedding band.

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