Unless you travel a lot, geography isn't something you pay much attention to after elementary school. But you'd like to think people can still pick out all 50 states on a map.

Pursuing this theory further, a Miami TV station asked regular people from around South Florida basic questions about the Heat's opponent in the NBA Finals, only to discover that Sooner State might as well be in Auckland, New Zealand.

Repeatedly, fans outside the Heat's arena failed to find Oklahoma on a map of the United States. CBS 4 Miami discovered that discombobulated Miami supporters pointed to Nevada, Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado instead of the state were Kevin Durant plays professional basketball.

Oklahoma has given America a lot over the years, the world's first installed parking meter (1935) and the invention of the shopping cart (1936).

In addition to failing to locate the Sooner State, Miami fans couldn't come up with Oklahoma's official state beverage (milk), which is actually a pretty tough question. Those quizzed figured whiskey or beer must be the drink of choice for the state with the first radio station (WKY) west of the Mississippi River.

Including Oklahoma, 38 percent of states have milk as the official state beverage, thats 40 percent if you count Rhode Island, which picked coffee milk as its state drink. Incidentally, whiskey is the official state spirit for Alabama. Don't feel bad if you failed the beverage quiz since 46 percent of states failed to even pick a state beverage.

In defense of the Heat fans' map issues, we don't have similar quiz data for Thunder fans, which may not be any better.

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