Major League Baseball's pinch-hit home run king has fallen victim to some terrible crooks.

Matt Stairs, whose clutch hit sparked the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series run, was targeted by some confused criminals. The retired slugger's home in Maine was robbed while he was out of town receiving induction into a Canadian sports Hall of Fame in New Brunswick, according to CBC.

Incidentally, Stairs believes the culprits had eyes on his baseball prize.

"Well I've got a feeling they knew what they wanted. I believe they were looking for the World Series ring and, of course, I had that with me," Stairs explained to the CBC.

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"They took all kinds of jewelry. There was the NLCS division championship (ring), the American League (ring), the National League ring, my wife's National League pendant, watches and jewelry and stuff. So there was quite a bit of stuff stolen. We won't go into the detail how much was stolen, but put it this way, there was enough so it was a felony case."

Stairs' daughter called her father to inform him of the robbery, and that part of the story upsets him the most.

"That's the biggest thing that makes me angry. That someone violated our privacy."

By the way, Stairs says he's planning on moving his family from Maine to Fredericton, New Brunswick, and he wishes he could pick up and leave now.

Whoever stole from the man who holds Major League Baseball's record for playing with 12 teams is most likely having second thoughts right about now.

"If they're trying to pawn off my rings, they have my name and the year and all that stuff. So, if you get a 16, 17, 18-year-old punk who's trying to sell stuff to the pawn shops, we talked to all the pawn shops and gave them a heads-up," Stairs said.

Stairs is currently working as a Red Sox analyst for NESN.

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