This job isn't that easy.

A Russian TV reporter attempted to file her report on the Euro 2012, only to be shut down by a group of goofy Dutch soccer fans, who made Philadelphia supporters seem like Boy Scouts.

It would have been the perfect TV backdrop, a group of passionate football supporters wandering into the stadium for the Netherlands match, but it quickly turned into a Saturday Night Live-type skit thanks to the antics from the soccer obsessives.

The likely intoxicated bystanders completely sabotaged any hopes of a smooth TV segment. One fan asked the reporter for her hand in marriage, and a gentleman in a wheelchair tapped her on the back of the leg. That was only a small part of the chaos.

Cristiano Ronaldo turned out to be the reporter's best friend. He made sure the fans from Holland had a sour weekend, as the soccer star scored twice to lead Portugal to a 2-1 come from behind win against the Dutch.

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