Ever since the infamous summer of 2010, the NBA free agency period has featured almost as many thrills, surprises and twists as the season itself. This year's group of free agents, which is led by Deron Williams, promises to be no different.

Over the past few days, several attempts have been made to sway Williams. Nothing like what people did to lure LeBron James (Really, Cleveland?), but funny nonetheless:

On Tuesday, Williams' 28th birthday, the Nets parked a billboard outside his apartment wishing him well on his big day.

On Thursday morning, Mavericks guard Delonte West made his plea to Williams via Twitter. West tweeted that, with Williams, the Mavericks could "win the western conference no problem." Don't tell that to Kevin Durant.

Williams played golf with fellow free agent and Olympic teammate Jason Kidd on Thursday, and after their round Williams had a little fun with the whole ordeal. Williams tweeted: "Just finished playing East Hampton Golf Club w/ @RealJasonKidd let the speculation begin?????" It already has.

Let's hope this free agency hoopla cools down at some point. Because as we've seen, it doesn't always lead players to make the best decisions.

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