Not everyone takes the weekend off inside the Beltway.

RG3 was hard at work selling shoes.

As Redskins fans daydreamed about becoming a relevant franchise again, Robert Griffin III was busy filming a commercial next to the White House. The Washington Post reports the complicated shoot included a water tanker, likely to help simulate rain near President Obama's home.

Later, RG3 had a surprise visitor as he was filming at another site in our nation's capitol. DC Mayor Vincent Gray reportedly stopped by for a meet and greet with the new face of the Redskins.

Griffin is going to have to lead Washington to the playoffs if he's to meet the unreal expectations placed on his shoulders by desperate fans tired of watching lousy football year after year. RG3 was the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft behind Andrew Luck, selected by the Colts.

Without throwing a professional pigskin in a game, Griffin has already become a darling of Madison Ave. In addition to Adidas, RG3 hawks products for Subway, EA Sports and Castrol Oil.

In any case, Redskins fans will only have to wait 90 days until Griffin makes his professional debut during Week One against Drew Brees (maybe) and the Saints in New Orleans.

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