Nobody denies David Beckham will have many fabulous opportunities open when he hangs up the cleats and walks off the pitch for the final time. Nevertheless, Becks recently explained to a music legend just what's up his sleeve when that time comes.

"My man's soccer career isn't going to last forever. He told me he'd love to be a stay-at-home dad," Snoop Dogg said to London's Daily Star. "Victoria has all her clothing labels going on, but David is a genuine guy. I am sure he would have no problem staying at home and making the breakfast and changing the diapers."

The 37-year-old soccer wiz's love of his four children has been well chronicled. Snoop says he recently had lunch with Beckham, explaining children Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper are his first concern.

"It isn't soccer, it isn't his endorsements, it isn't making money -- it's his kids," Dogg explained. "I have never met such a passionate father. He is keeping it real for all fathers out there, and I can tell you he don't want to stop."

In addition to the love he has for his kids, Beckham has dreams that involve growing his family. The meddling singer revealed all of his Beckham family knowledge.

"David has four great kids, but he has told me he wants more. If he could persuade Victoria, I don't think he would stop having kids, but it's probably going to be another two," the West Coast hip hop legend declared with his loose lips.

All things considered, with a reported net worth of more than $200 million, Beckham can afford to retire as Mr. Mom with many more children.

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