John Axford isn't well known outside of Wisconsin, but he's making a name for himself on Twitter. The Milwaukee Brewers closer went shopping on Wednesday, when he ended up walking right behind a man wearing his jersey along side a female acquaintance.

Now, it's not necessarily surprising that his jersey has reached the general public, as Axford has become something of a cult hero in Milwaukee. A great deal of that fame is because of Axford's ability to shut down the opposition at the end of games, and some of that fame goes to his prolific facial hair (which has since been, well, axed). He has also just proven he's immensely entertaining and interesting, and this latest Tweet was no exception.

Axford said he didn't end up chatting with his fan in the shopping center. "After following him for about 2 minutes...he went down the escalator. Maybe he was scared!!! There was a slight look, but nothing!" he told his over 50,000 followers.

During an impressive 2011 Brewers season, Axford was named the National League Rolaids Relief Man of the Year. He was 2-2 with a 1.95 ERA and franchise-record 46 saves. Since becoming the full-time closer in late May of 2010, Axford ranks second in the Major Leagues in save percentage (93.0 percent), trailing only the Tigers’ Jose Valverde (93.6 percent).

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