Few cities have as much passion for sports as Boston, but the Hub's political leader opened his mouth and placed his foot deep down his throat when talking about the Celtics.

Honorable Mayor Thomas Menino, when asked about the Celtics' unexpected performance against the Miami Heat, completely butchered his response, reports Comcast SportsNet New England.

This is not the first time Boston's mayor has committed a sports slip-up. Bloggers featured Menimo, nicknamed by some as "Mumbles," calling Patriots star Wes Welker, "Wes Wreckler." And let's not forget the Mayor claiming Jason Varitek (former Red Sox captain), kicked the game winning field goal "through the uprights," for the Patriots.

In his latest faux pas, Menino attempted to praise Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo, instead mentioning a former Celtics and Phoenix Suns star and Hall-of-Famer, John Havlicek, from the bygone days of Boston basketball.

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