Most Heat fans weren't thinking positive thoughts following the team's lousy performance in a Game 5 home loss to the Celtics, but one of the team's younger fans was and now he's enjoying his fifteen minutes of sportsmanship fame.

For 24 hours he was known as the "Good effort, good job kid," and now he's got a name and a face.

Jack Meyer is a pretty typical 9-year-old basketball fan. He loves to play hoops and watch the Heat with his dad. Jack even has a Heat-themed bed set, and now he's got a viral video. The ESPN microphones picked up Meyer's voice as the Heat walked off the court in defeat, instead of razzing LeBron and the guys for an embarrassing performance, the tone was positive.

"I said. 'Good job, good effort,' and Terrel (Harris) noticed me and gave me a thumbs up," the boy from Coral Gables explained to NBC Miami.

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Young fans in tough towns such as Philadelphia and New York would likely have given a more cynical cheer, but NBC Miami says Meyer wasn't being sarcastic with his enthusiasm.

"LeBron James was fighting so hard, Shane Battier, Udonis Haslem. Chris Bosh only played 14 minutes, yet one of his best games," he said.

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