While most people were enjoying a relaxing Memorial Day weekend with family and friends, Joe Girardi was revealing a long unknown childhood secret.

The Yankees skipper pretty much ate nothing but Cap'n Crunch for an entire year when he was an 8-year-old growing up in Peoria, Illinois. It turns out a train carrying the delicious breakfast cereal derailed near his mother's family home, causing a massive number of Cap'n Crunch cartons to go flying off the train.

For the most part, the Girardi family took full advantage of the situation.

"We had so much Cap'n Crunch over the next year it was amazing," Girardi told the New York Times. "And to this day, I still like Cap'n Crunch. It's rough on the roof of your mouth, though."

Ironically, the 2006 NL Manager of the year from his time with the Marlins, banned most sweets in the Bronx Bombers clubhouse.

When Girardi eats his cereal these days, he leaves the milk in the fridge, the 47-year-old Yankees skipper is lactose intolerant.

In addition, despite having fond memories of chowing down on Cap'n Crunch as a kid, he tells ESPN New York his own children are only allowed to eat cereal on weekends.

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