If things don't change soon, Minnesota could lose its NFL franchise. But one superfan is doing everything in his power to make sure that doesn't happen.

Larry Spooner has become a political activist as he camps out in front of the Minnesota Capitol to support the Vikings' efforts to get a new stadium built. Spooner literally started tailgating as he awaits legislators' decision.

Complete with a huge TV and satellite hookup, in addition to a beer keg, Spooner and his friends kept on eye on the developments among state lawmakers. The fan setup includes a giant sign that reads "New Stadium Yes! Let's not become the third Dakota."

Spooner is terrified Minnesota will become just like its neighbor states of North and South Dakota without a National Football League team. The Duluth News Tribune reports the passionate fan born in 1960 has regularly testified in front of political committees in an effort to get the new Vikings stadium built.

Spooner, 51, has offered state representatives BBQ ribs for supporting the Vikings' new stadium plan, but those who vote against it will only have hot dogs. In addition, Spooner plans to campaign hard against politicians who are anti-NFL stadium.

Spooner has already taken more than 40 vacation days from his job as a warehouse supervisor over the years to help get the new stadium built.

While Spooner's son is is close to being deployed on a nuclear submarine, WCCO reports his old man is planning to tailgate outside the Capitol until a decision is made.

"He's not bluffing," Spooner's wife Lynn said of her husband's determination on the issue.

In any event, a decision isn't expected until late in the week or early next week.

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