If it wasn't for bad luck, some people would have none at all.

That would apply to a Tennessee woman who was severely injured when a golf ball smacked her square in the face as she was driving her motorcycle outside Nashville over the weekend.

Susan Westerfield and her boyfriend were driving on separate motorcycles in Murfreesboro when an errant golf ball slammed into her mouth from a nearby golf course. Amazingly, the 53-year-old was able to stay on her ride, despite the fact that several of her teeth were knocked out and she sliced up her lip, according to WKRN-TV.

Westerfield tells the Nashville TV station she has nerve damage in her mouth, and her boyfriend thought she had been shot when he first saw her injuries.

Despite the extent of those injuries, no charges were filed against the lousy golfer from Michigan who was teeing off on the 14th Hole at Indian Hills Golf Club when his ball cut left towards the road. Although he didn't see the actual accident, he heard her screams from the road and ran to help.

This story alone is enough to make us duck every time we drive by a course.

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