How does one separate a regular sports enthusiast from a sports fanatic?

Meet Danny Palmer, who's not your typical Kentucky Wildcats basketball aficionado. He's become a big deal for his skills with breakfast cereal.

While Palmer might enjoy eating a delicious bowl in the morning, it's his artistic skills that have the sports blogosphere buzzing.

How do you leave people speechless?

You Turn Reese's Puffs and Kix breakfast cereal into a 4x4 bigger-than-life portrait of former Kentucky star and top NBA prospect Anthony Davis.

That's just what Palmer did, even including a few pieces of Cap'n Crunch for Davis' earrings.

Consequently, his work was featured on numerous sports blogs and even made its way onto SportsCenter.

But as of late Thursday, Palmer says he hasn't received any offers yet for his edible grain masterpiece.

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H/T: Kentucky Sports Radio

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