Did you hear the one about the tow-truck driver from Tennessee who bought one of soccer's most famous teams?

Although it sounds like a wisecrack, this is unbelievably real.

Bill Miller is planning to spend a large chunk of his wealth to purchase one of Scotland's prized soccer franchises. Miller grew his Miller Industries of Chattanooga into the world's largest maker of tow trucks.

WRCB-TV reports Miller has offered $18.1 million to grab ownership of the Glasgow Rangers out of the United Kingdom's equivalent of Bankruptcy Court.

While the Los Angeles Dodgers have won five world championships and sold for $2 billion, the soccer Rangers have won a record 54 Scottish Premiere League championships in their 140-year history.

For the most part, the team was available to the Tennessee tow-truck king because of its tremendous debt. The Glasgow Rangers have a mind-boggling $119 million financial albatross of taxes and penalties that Miller will have to handle. The deal is expected to keep the Rangers from going out of business.

"What Rangers, which includes supporters, players, staff and anyone with the club at heart, have been put through, particularly in recent months, is a travesty and from what I can see they have been badly let down by a number of individuals," Miller told the AP. "This will not happen on my watch should I become the custodian of this great club."

Among the harsh penalties the Rangers soccer club must deal with: Not being allowed to play outside Scotland next year, or sign any new players unless they're under the age of 17.

The team has accepted the deal, but it's not official yet, and Miller hopes it to be official in the next ten days.

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