He's already the face of the Washington Redskins, but who knew he was such a romantic?

Robert Griffin III made his late night TV debut on NBC's "Tonight Show" Thursday, and stole the show. RGIII explained how he carefully planned a sentimental engagement to his girlfriend of three years, Rebecca Liddicoat, while at Baylor.

"I didn't want to do it on the field like the big cliche. So I actually did it after the game, brought her to our indoor facility," Griffin told Jay Leno.

She was caught off-guard.

"I tried to trick her by saying that we were going to do something that the whole team was going to do at the indoor (facility) after we won. No one was there when we showed up, but she still believed me. Had a guy in there playing guitar; I sung her a song; had candles in the middle of the field with her family and my family holding them. Flew her family down ... Had to do it the right way," he said.

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When asked what song Griffin harmonized to his lady, he ended up booking himself for a return engagement on NBC's Tonight Show. "It was actually a song I wrote, I try to keep it somewhat private. Maybe if you bring me back on I can sing it for you."

Leno quizzed the Redskins franchise quarterback on when he'll officially tie the knot. "Sometime next year. Gotta focus on that playbook," RGIII said.

In the near future, Griffin will ink a rookie contract for a king's ransom from Washington owner Daniel Snyder, but what's he going buy first?

"I've contemplated it for a long time, but I think I'm gonna buy a bed and two massage chairs. That way if I'm sitting in it, my fiancee is not jealous, she has one to sit in as well," Griffin said.

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H/T: USA Today

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