As politicians begin to place concussion prevention for football players on the front burner, one NFL star isn't waiting around for their solution.

Anquan Boldin is considering some extreme measures to combat the possible long-term problems caused from repeated brain trauma. Boldin, the Baltimore Ravens star receiver, is debating whether or not to use a hyperbaric oxygen therapy, according to CNN International via

At first, Boldin was asked his reaction to the stunning suicide of former Chargers star Junior Seau. "It really makes you think, 'What effects does this game have on your body long term?' I think every NFL player has that question in the back of his mind," Boldin said.

Boldin, a three time Pro Bowl selection, told CNN International the only concussion he's suffered was with the Cardinals during a violent helmet-to-helmet collision with the Jets' Eric Smith in 2008.

The former Florida State star explains his preventative plans for future problems.

"For me, I'm doing research myself to try to find ways to rectify brain damage," Boldin divulged. "I've been in talks with a doctor down in Florida who has a hyperbaric chamber. He's doing studies right now showing the correlation between hyperbaric chamber dyes and how the brain repairs itself."

Although Boldin didn't give more specific information, such as that doctor's name, you can be sure the bigwigs at the NFL will be keeping an eye on this data.

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