As the joke goes, if you play quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, you better have a back-up career in mind.

Seneca Wallace put on a brightly colored apron and went to work at a downtown Cleveland cupcake shop. "A nice hot pink [apron]. Let's go with the hot pink," Wallace revealed to ABC-5 Cleveland.

How did an NFL quarterback end up in a random bakery?

"He came in and really liked our cupcakes and he asked me if he could bake with me someday because he really enjoys baking in his free time,"  Kelly Kandah, owner of Colossal Cupcakes explained.

The veteran quarterback was a good cupcake trainee. "She's going to train me. She's the baker. I'm just the guy that's here for assistance and just follow her lead," Wallace said.

Aside from having a backup plan, if his NFL career takes a wrong turn, Wallace, 31, has an ulterior motive. In particular, he wants to turn his mother's pecan rum cake recipe into some delicious cupcakes. 

Five years ago, Joyce Wallace, Seneca's mother, died from a rare form of cancer known as multiple myeloma. All the money earned from his mother's super secret pecan rum cupcakes will go to "Joyce's Angels," a foundation the Browns QB started to honor her memory.

"That was one of her big specialties. She did it every holiday we had. Every time we were around each other, she was making a rum cake," Wallace said.

By the way, Seneca has played in 62 games during his seven year NFL career with the Seahawks and Browns. He's compiled 31 touchdowns and 18 interceptions while putting together a 6-15 record in 21 career starts since 2005.

Wallace told ABC-5 Cleveland he had his mom's recipe all in his head, since it was a secret.

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