If you've watched the NBA playoffs at all, you've seen her, the most televised mom in professional basketball.

Pamela McGee seemingly got as much camera time as her son, JaVale, during the Denver Nuggets' playoff series with the Los Angeles Lakers, but there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

To begin, Pamela announced that she still takes care of her son like he's an elementary school student. “I clean. I clean the floors, I clean the dishes, I make your bed up, I wash the clothes,” Pamela told JaVale while laughing during an interview with CBS Denver.

Despite needing Mom to help out around the house, JaVale is about to become ridiculously wealthy. A restricted free agent, McGee could be making over $10 million per season on his next contract, despite his shenanigans with the Wizards.

Keep in mind the "JaVale McGee Top 8 Dumb Plays" video on YouTube, which highlights his escapades in Washington D.C., has been seen over 1,993,000 times as of Tuesday morning.

Despite that, mom explains the four reasons NBA teams should jump over each other to sign her son.

He has the four things that you can’t teach. He has height, hands, heart and humility,” Pamela announced. “You can’t find that nowadays.”

As for her regular TV time, Pamela admits she generally struggles to control her emotions while watching her baby boy on the court. “I can’t contain myself because I’m an animated, very passionate person,” she divulged. “And also, I’m just so proud.”

Although JaVale says he didn't get wind of his mom's coaching advice during Nuggets games, Pamela says for the most part that's just not true. “Yeah, he does hear me. He always hears mom. He has like a sixth sense, he still hears me,” Pamela, a former WNBA star, explained.

Mother knows best, just ask her.

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