He proudly went from Bash Brother to Whistleblower, but that doesn't mean Jose Canseco is without regrets over his steroid tell-all book "Juiced."

"It destroyed my life and my family's life," Canseco tells WBZ-TV Boston. "Death threats, finances, been excommunicated by the game of baseball, I’m a pariah, I’m the devil, I'm a snitch, just for fixing the game of baseball that needed to be fixed."

Things got so dysfunctional that the FBI stepped in to end his book tour early, over fears for his personal safety because of death threats. "I went through hell," he says. "Believe me I've been to hell and back or as close as you can get."

The 47-year-old slugger is spending his time playing as a sideshow for the Worcester Tornadoes.

As far as his former big league teammate Roger Clemens is concerned, Canseco continues to defend his old friend against steroid charges.

"You have to understand this, everyone came to me for steroids and information back then, I was the man, period," Canseco said. "He never brought it up that he ever wanted to use it, acquire it, period. Roger, to me, was the straightest guy I've ever seen in my life. I never saw him cheat on his wife, I never saw him flirt, nothing."

Canseco says he no longer uses steroids. Instead, he's turned to "testosterone therapy" for past six years. By the way, the only difference between steroids and "testosterone therapy," happens to be that the latter is legal in the eyes of the law.

In addition, Canseco is being monitored by a doctor from UCLA while he plays Independent League ball in Massachusetts.

Canseco last played in the Majors for the White Sox in 2001. He hit a total of 462 homers for the Athletics, Rangers, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Rays and Yankees during his 17-year, steroid-fueled career.

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