Some guys have all the luck when it comes to catching foul balls.

Jake Johnson, doing publicity for his TV show, arrived in the 8th inning of Monday's Phillies-Cubs game, and just five minutes later, he grabbed a foul ball hit by Philadelphia star shortstop Jimmy Rollins.

After arriving at Citizens Bank Park late, Johnson was trying to take a picture of the ballpark when good fortune came his way. “I sat down, the ball goes in my hand,” he said. “I have the camera in one hand. I didn’t even have time to get nervous about catching or missing it,” Johnson told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Despite being from suburban Chicago and a diehard Cubs fan, Johnson let his over 82,000 twitter followers know which baseball player he would be pulling for in the future.

Johnson dreams of checking out every Major League Baseball stadium. He loves the sport so much, he had FOX set up his "New Girl" publicity tour around the schedule of games he'd like to attend. For instance he was scheduled to attend Tuesday nights A's-Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

A rising Hollywood star, Johnson stars as Nick on "New Girl" opposite Zooey Dechanel. Johnson can also be seen in the upcoming 2012 film "Safety Not Guaranteed," which is set to be released in June.

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