Forget showdowns with the Giants, Cowboys and Redskins. Michael Vick is involved in a legal showdown months before the NFL season begins.

Vick is accused of not living up to his end of a six-figure sports memorabilia deal with a Las Vegas based company. Now the Philadelphia Eagles star may be returning to a court room to fight the lawsuit.

Vick allegedly received more than $100,000 after he agreed to provide "Game Used Equipment" to J.O. Sports in a deal he gave the green light to in August 2011.

Furthermore, Vick is accused of blowing off scheduled public appearances and autograph signings for the sports collectables company, and was supposed to allow the business the right to set up social media sites for Vick's use.

The Eagles star claims he terminated the deal with J.O. Sports in October of 2011 after hearing that Jarrod Oldridge of the company was indicted for fraudulent business practices, according to

Oldridge is accused of things such has messing around with game jerseys to make them seem like they were game-worn, when in fact they weren't. He's pleaded guilty to mail fraud in the case.

"My primary concern is for my fans," Vick told through his P.R. firm. "If my fans want to buy game-used memorabilia, it is important that the merchandise is 100 percent authentic. I will not support a company that is accused of misleading fans. It is an easy decision to make."

In addition to the lawsuit, Vick will soon have two reasons to celebrate. He's scheduled to get married next month in Miami and reportedly will be off probation for his federal dog fighting conviction soon.

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