Hollywood is a place so intoxicating, some will take a pay cut just to stay.

David Beckham joined the Los Angeles Galaxy with much fanfare and a massive contract, but those days are long gone. Becks has taken a massive 39 percent salary cut from $4.1 million to $2.5 million to remain in Southern California.

Beckham, 37, happily accepted the massive $1.6 million earnings reduction, particularly to keep wife Victoria happy, according to Cindy Adams of the New York Post.

Above all else, the woman who became famous as Posh Spice enjoys living the Los Angeles lifestyle and hanging with such celebrity comrades as neighbor Tom Cruise.

In addition, Victoria Beckham, 38, is happy with her California business endeavors.

By the way, France's Thierry Henry of the New York Red Bulls replaced David Beckham as Major League Soccer's highest compensated foreign player at $5.6 million per year. Other players that now make more than Beckham: New York's Rafa Marquez ($4.5 million) and Beckham's teammate Robbie Keane ($3.4 million).

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