Turns out the National Football League isn't the only big-time sports league interested in America's top exonerated athlete.

Brian Banks wasted six years in prison for a rape he didn't commit. The girl who claimed she was the victim has since admitted the story was a pack of lies. Now the former star high school football player from Southern California is dreaming of an NFL career.

While several pro football teams have indeed
offered Banks tryouts
, he's also received a very surprising job offer from a Major League Baseball franchise.

Derrick Hall, president of the Diamondbacks, was so touched by Banks' positive attitude following his horrific ordeal, that he has offered the former star high school football player a front office gig.

Hall wrote a letter to Banks, according to Fox 10 News Phoenix. The former Dodgers executive and Los Angeles morning radio personality told Banks that should his NFL dreams come up empty, he's ready to hire him.

"I realize in watching several of your interviews that you still have a desire to play football and are looking for tryouts," Hall wrote. "I would like to offer the Diamondbacks as an opportunity should you change your mind or not come across any playing prospects."

After letting Banks know he can contact him directly, Hall wished the freed football star the best of luck.

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