Some baseball players spend days off sleeping in, doing work around the house, running errands. Others apparently get married.

Kevin Youkilis quietly announced he's tied the knot with his pregnant fiancee Julie Brady, and he just did it on the Red Sox day off. The happy couple first met following a Jets-Patriots playoff game two years ago in Foxboro.

Appearing Friday as a guest on The Hill-Man Morning Show on WAAF "Boston's Rock Station," the 33-year-old slugger was asked a rather generic question about any special ceremonies being planned for the Fenway Park 100th celebration scheduled that day, when he dropped the exciting personal bombshell.

"I don't know much. The only ceremony that I know personally, which I'll let you guys know. Yesterday I had an off day and had a little wedding ceremony, so I'm officially married," Youkilis said.

Maybe that's the reason Boston manager Bobby Valentine went on a different radio show to rip Youkilis for not being as "physically or emotionally into the game as he has been in the past for some reason."

The Valentine comments weren't specifically brought up during the Youkilis interview, and they came before the wedding anyway. One of the morning radio guys joked about the Red Sox star being part of Tom Brady's family now, so he wouldn't have to worry about getting a new contract.

"Yeah, the only problem is that we're just Youkilis' now, we're just staying that way. It's a big problem. I would have had to change my name," he said.

The Boston Herald reports that none of Youkilis' teammates from the Red Sox were invited to the ceremony, but Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen were on hand.

"It was just at the house, we had immediate family. It was a great time. It was definitely the greatest off day of my life. It was a lot of fun, the family was great, it was good times. I know there have been some rough times in baseball, but personally I don't usually talk about this but I thought it was something good and wanted to share," Youkilis said.

Expect a much bigger wedding celebration at a later date.

Julie Brady, 37, has worked as a teacher in San Mateo, California. She recently moved east to be with her new husband. As ThePostGame's Jeff Arnold reported, she was a standout soccer player who walked on at St. Mary's before earning a scholarship.

Incidentally, a few crackpot Patriots fans blamed the slugger's appearance with Julie at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis for New England's upset loss in the Super Bowl. Youkilis says, despite being married to Tom Brady's sister, he'll guarantee that doesn't happen again.

"I made sure to let everyone know that I'm no longer going to a Patriots playoff game. So all the Patriots fans out there, I'm not going. If I go to a Bengals-Pats game, the Bengals are going to win because I'm a curse for the Pats," Youkilis announced.

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[Youkilis talks about his sudden marriage 7:30 into radio interview]

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