They say 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. A husband and wife from Cleveland will find out just how true that statement really is.

The young couple put their lives on hold to chase a dream, an epic minor league baseball odyssey around the United States. When it's all said and done, Matt LaWell and his wife Carolyn will have traveled 26,000 miles over 152 days to see 120 minor league teams play in 38 different states.

Talk about loving baseball.

The plan was hatched nine years ago while Matt, 28, was still attending Ohio University. In the decade since graduation, Matt has had newspaper and magazine writing jobs and gotten married but that hardball dream never died.

The Florida Times-Union reports LaWell's wife, Carolyn, surprisingly was supportive of the scheme when first told about it two years ago. To save money, the couple downsized their apartment, cutting rent costs and, overall, saving money. They did things most people would never do, like cutting cable, not buying clothes for 10 months, and cutting back on eating out.

As a result of all that penny-pinching, the couple, with no kids or mortgage, have saved enough ($10,000) to begin a wild journey around the United States.

Wednesday in Orlando, with no jobs or a home to return to, they began what will be a five-month excursion that they've nicknamed "A Minor League Season."

The LaWells will make a stop in every full-season minor league ball club's home park in the U.S. They'll document this impressive adventure on a website ( with two laptops, a digital camera and video camera they've packed into their Honda Element.

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All things considered, the couple hope this trip turns into a starting point for something much bigger. The hope is a book will come of it, possibly a career, and more importantly, something that can be memorable and gratifying when they get older.

"You can't have regrets," Matt told the Florida Times-Union. "That's what it comes down to. A regret would be not even trying."

Never before has being homeless seemed so cool.

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